Frequently asked questions about our boutique amps.

Q: What tools are necessary to set power tube bias?
A: All you need is a volt meter that has a millivolt scale. Though power tubes are biased to a milliamp reading, the amp has resistors internally that convert milliamps to millivolts.

Q: Can I choose a different color of tolex/face plate/grille cloth?
A: Yes, these are one off custom amps. We do special requests, some options may change the base price.

Q: How much is the Texas Blues Amp?
A: The Texas Blues Amp starts at $4250 for the head or $5000 for the head and 2 x 12 cabinet.

Q: How do the filters work?
A: The amp is naturally bright amp. The high filter removes some of the high frequencies as the dial is increased. The low filter removes low frequencies in the same manner.

Q: How do I purchase an amp?
A: At any given time we may have units in stock to choose from. If not, or you want something custom, a $1,000 deposit is all that is required to start the build. 90 day build time is customary. We do accept MC/ VISA.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions.