Saturday, December 10, 2011

Texas Tru Tone amp

Here is the new 'Texas Tru Tone' Amp.
This amp was built in response to the
many people who have played
and loved the 'Texas Blues' amp,
but wanted a single channel combo amp
to use with their favorite pedals.
This amp has the same preamp and
power amp sections as the 'Texas Blues',
but has a more fender-like reverb and a
little more gain than the clean channel
of the 'Texas Blues' Amp.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Longhorn Amps in the press

Longhorn Amps has been highlighted in the Premier Guitar coverage of the recent Nashville Amps Expo. Check out the link and our sound clips page if you weren't able to be there in person.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Features of the Texas Blues Amp

  • Clean channel - crystal-clear, sparkling highs, tight bottom, you will hear the voice of every string
  • Reverb - in clean channel only, just a touch, not surf
  • Pre-amp boost - (PAB) lifts the treble & bass controls out of the circuit for more growl
  • OD channel - removes reverb from the signal path & adds two gain stages with front panel controls for gain & volume level
  • FET input - adds a clean boost to either the clean channel or OD channel with rich harmonics
  • Dual bias - twin vernier control 10 turn pots to individually bias each output tube-allows the use of vintage non-matched tube sets
  • Bias test points - located on back panel for easy bias inspection
  • Output tubes - standard is KT-66 about 45-50 watts. With a simple bias adjustment you can substitute 6L6,6V6,EL34,KT88,5881,etc. for different power levels & tones
  • High Filter - allows player to have treble control set higher for added harmonics, but by adjusting the high filter you can remove as much or as little hi frequency as you desire for your individual tone
  • Low Filter - remove low frequencies as desired - tones are almost limitless using the filters with the tone stack also useful for matching the amp to different speakers

This amp alone will give you everything from crystal-clear cleans with a touch of reverb, add FET for rich harmonics. If that’s just too clean for your taste hit the pre-amp boost to get a more authoritative voice. If you want singing sustain for days hit the overdrive channel and let it wail!!

Pricing: Head only - $4250
Head and 2 X 12 cabinet $5000